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This section introduces the MixRadio APIs, outlines the key benefits of using the APIs and describes the use cases for which they were designed.

What are the MixRadio APIs?

The MixRadio APIs are a collection of web service and Windows APIs that allow you to offer elements from the MixRadio apps within the look & feel of your own application.

The MixRadio service supports a variety of use cases that center around two major features:

  1. Music discovery - help users find the music relevant to them
  2. Music information retrieval - provide detailed information about music users are interested in

For music discovery, the MixRadio APIs support two different usage scenarios that you may select according to the requirements for your application:

  1. Search - find music that matches search terms provided by the user
  2. Explore - guide users to discover music through charts and recommendations

The core of the MixRadio APIs is our catalog of available music. As with all music services, we license content from record labels per country and therefore availability varies. We also work to localise our catalogue with the most relevant content for each country. As the Music APIs require a country code to filter the availability, we offer a method to help validate the country your users originate from.

Also see where the API is available.

Why Use the MixRadio APIs?

The MixRadio APIs provide a simple, future-proof way to grant your application’s users access to the latest information about millions of tracks from all over the globe.

By using the MixRadio APIs, your application gains several crucial advantages, including:

  • Coverage
  • Reduced application complexity
  • Forward-compatible API contracts


When you use the MixRadio APIs to build an application, your users can find music from

  • over 200 countries
  • over 3 million global and local artists
  • over 32 million tracks (that’s around 185 years of continuous listening!)
  • over a century of recordings

Reduced Application Complexity

Collecting and — even more important — maintaining facts about tens of millions of tracks from record labels and aggregators is a challenging task. Without the MixRadio APIs, you would have to spend an enormous amount of your resources just to collect, validate, standardize and maintain this data.

Unless your core business is being a local search engine, it is quite unlikely that you want to invest in that area.

Forward-Compatible API Contract

The API contract of the MixRadio REST API has been carefully crafted to deal with the fact that there is always more to know about music.

The API contract is designed in a way that allows us to introduce additional elements at any time, without being forced to introduce a new version of the API contract. But even more important: When you follow the guidance and best practices described in this document, you application user’s will also automatically receive access to those new features without you being forced to build and ship a new version of your application.

For more information, see Key Concepts.

Artist Location Data

Location data for artists is derived from Wikipedia Infobox data available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.


Usage of the SDK is subject to the following terms: http://dev.mixrad.io/terms.html

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