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The MixRadio APIs are a collection of REST and Windows APIs that allow you to offer elements from MixRadio within your application.

The MixRadio APIs support a variety of use cases that center around two major areas:

  1. Metadata APIs allow you to perform searches, get charts and get recommendations about the millions of tracks and artists we have
  2. User data APIs that let you access user data such as play history, top artists and recent mixes

The core of the MixRadio APIs is our catalogue of available music. As with all music services, we license content from record labels per country and therefore availability varies. We work hard to localise our catalogue with the most relevant content for each country. As the APIs require a country code to filter the availability, we offer APIs to help identify the country your users originate from.

Also see where the API is available.


If you just want to get started, choose between our RESTful API or our .Net SDK:

Why Use the MixRadio APIs?

By using the MixRadio APIs, your application is guaranteed:


When you use the MixRadio APIs to build an application, your users can find music from

  • over 200 countries
  • over 3 million global and local artists
  • over 36 million tracks
  • over a century of recordings

Forward-Compatible API Contract

The MixRadio REST API contract has been crafted to deal with the fact that there is always more to know about music.

The API contract is designed in a way that allows us to introduce additional elements at any time, without being forced to introduce a new version of the API.


Usage of the SDK is subject to the following terms: http://dev.mixrad.io/terms.html

Artist Location Data

Location data for artists is derived from Wikipedia Infobox data available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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